How to screenshot on windows and mac.

There are various methods available depending on the operating system (OS) you’re running for taking screenshots on a laptop. The general steps for Windows and macOS are as follows:

Know how to screenshot in windows.

1.To capture the full screen, press the “PrtScr” key.

  • To take a picture of just the active window, press “Alt + PrtScr”.
  • Press Ctrl + V to paste, open an image editor (such as Microsoft Paint), and save the file.

2.Snip and sketch tool(window)

  • First search snipping tool in start menu.
  • Capture whatever area you want to capture.
  • last Keep the screenshot in your file.

for macOs

1.Command Shift 3 on macOS

  • Click” Command Shift 3″ to take a full screen picture.
  • You’ve saved the screenshot to your desktop.

2.Shift Command 4 Click

  • Command Shift 4″ to take a shot of a specific area of the screen.
  • Drag to choose the region you wish to record.
  • You’ve saved the record to your desktop.

Why do we take screenshots& why is it important


  • Frequently, screenproofs are utilized to record data that appears on your computer screen. This can be useful for writing manuals, tutorials, or guides where you need to give step-by-step directions or visually represent a process.


  • When illustrating a point in an online chat, screenshots can be useful. When debugging a technical issue or asking for assistance on a forum, for instance, a screenshot might provide people a clear picture of what you’re seeing.

Recollections and Individual Use:

  • People may use screenproof to record special moments in video conferences, online chats, or games. It’s a means to exchange and preserve digital memories.

Visual Reaction:

  • record can be used to give visual feedback in group work settings. Showing what’s on your screen rather than just describing it will improve communication and lower the likelihood of miscommunication.

Investigation and Citation:

  • When conducting internet research, researchers and students frequently utilize shot to record pertinent data, photos, or information. These screen grabs can be later arranged and utilized for citation or source referencing.


These are the basic methods for taking screenshots on Windows and macOS. Keep in mind that specific laptop models might have additional features or software for capturing screenshots.

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