Increase Laptop Speed: How to increase your laptop speed 10x faster

Increase laptop speed: About 76.2 percent people of India use laptop or computer and we all know that a good performance and speed of laptop is very important. Most of the laptop users have the same question that “Increase Laptop Speed” so that their laptop saves time while doing any work and does not face any problem. In this article we have given some suggestions that will increase the speed of your laptop or pc. For this you will have to take some steps, so read this article carefully and till the end.

Increase laptop speed

Welcome to this intresting article. Today we will discuss about “Increase Laptop Speed” so that most of the low budget laptop or old laptop users may be troubled and their problems can be solved. First of all, you have to delete all the useless files from the laptop or computer. After this, you should keep updating the system of your laptop or computer from time to time. If your laptop is also working slowly, then read this article carefully so that you do not face any problem in future.

Delete unnecessary program: increase laptop speed

It happens many times that we download some files in our laptop which are not of any use to us. First of all you have to find such files and delete them manually. Then run Antivirus Program (For Win 10, you can run its free antivirus RMT) in your laptop, which will delete whatever malware or virus is there. Check all the downloaded programs once through your settings and remove as much of it as possible. Even if there are useless files, uninstall them all. If you still feel that there is a serious malware infection in your laptop, then get it checked by a professional.

Upgrade hardware

To increase the speed of the laptop, you will have to upgrade the hardware. For this, you have to increase the RAM of the laptop, so that you can do multiple tasks comfortably and that too with good performance. Also, you will have to expand the SSD, which will increase your data transfer rate.

Increase laptop speed

Along with this, the processor and graphics card can also be upgraded(If you want to do things like games or editing then upgrade). And, keep one thing in mind that keep updating your operating system from time to time for better performance.

Check for viruses and malware

Whenever we use the Internet, sometimes it happens that malware and viruses enter our laptop or computer. To increase the speed of the laptop, it is very important to remove all the garbage. For this, you have to install antivirus software and always keep it updated. Keep real-time protection enabled in the antivirus program, the laptop’s operating system and software should always be kept updated.

Optimize power mode setting

To increase the speed of the laptop, it is very important to optimize the power settings. For this you will have to open the control panel. Right click on the Start menu and click on Control Panel option. After going to Control Panel, select Power Options or Power Management option. You’ will see some power plans, like “Balanced,” “High Performance” and “Power Saver.” You should select one of “High Performance(better performance)”, because it increases the speed of the processor of laptop or computer.

Instead of heavy, use lightweight browser and apps

If you are still troubled by the question ‘How to increase laptop speed’, then for this you will have to install lightweight browser and apps in your laptop. For example, instead of using Chrome and Firefox, use ‘Opera,’ ‘Brave,’ or ‘Mozilla Firefox Focus’. Use the task manager on your laptop to always check which application is using how much background data and close unnecessary processes. Always keep your operating system updated, optimize your browser extensions, and use only essential extensions. For example, use ‘LibreOffice’ or ‘Google Docs’ instead of Microsoft Office so that the performance of your laptop remains better.

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