The Guide to Getting That Blue Tick on Your Instagram Profile

If you want to verify your Instagram account, you’ve come to the right place. Here I am going to share with you the complete details of how to blue tick on Instagram account.Friends, you will find many people on the internet who ask you for money to verify your Instagram account, and even after paying, your account is not verified.You also have to verify the meaning of Instagram account in the sense of undisturbed in Instagram in your collection. Have even 50 or 100 followers if you verify the account.

Benefits of verifying Instagram account(blue tick)

Getting a Blue Tick on Instagram can benefit you greatly, and you will get many new features that are only available for verified accounts.

Learn details about some of the features and benefits below, and then decide if you want a Blue Tick on Instagram.

There are many people on Instagram who create fake accounts in your name and misuse it. In this case, if you have a verified account, people can easily tell the difference between real and fake accounts.Once verified, you get another feature that allows you to add a swiped up link to your blog post, page or someone else in the Instagram story.

How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram profile (steps)

insta blue tick

1.Go to your Instagram profile.(must be update)
2.Click on the 3 Dots section on top right menu that appears above.
3.Click on Settings option
4.Click on Verification Request.
5.Enter your full name(information).
6.In Known as, enter the name you are popular with or whatever your Insta name is.
7.Now choose your category according to your convenience.
8.You will then need to upload your ID. You can upload the id below.
• Aadhaar card
• Driving license
• Passport

After uploading the ID, you have to click on Send Button. After this your verification request will be submitted.After this, after some time you will get a reply from Instagram, in which you will know whether your account will be verified or not.If your account is not verified then the reason for this will also be mentioned in the reply, after fixing which you can submit the request again.

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