We are Strong – Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan

We are strong… Hence they are resorting to attacks
• Janasena Party is for instilling courage in the society
• Our party is necessary for the interests of the State
• Janasena will stand not 7 years, even for 7 decades •
Janasena won’t lose its existence whether it is in power or out of power
• Alliance with 81P only for the sake of national integration
• Support YCP If you think that criminals want to rule us
• Sri Pawan Kalyan says at Janasena Formation day celebrations

while YCP is trying to terrorize us In another way. the youth must decide whether to succumb to it and lose our sentence or face it with hearty courage and prove our dynamism. You can extend your support YCP if you want. criminals to rule us,- he said and called upon the youth that if you wanted to build a society with equal., then extend support to Janasena Party. He advised the people not to lo. anasena if they did not have courage and bravery. They need courage and bravery to continue Party formation.

celebrations were organic big way in Rajamahendravaarn on Saturday morning Addressing the party workers on the occasion, Sri Pa.n Kalyan said “the society Is frenzied with coverage. I have debated Janasena Party to remove it and Instil courage. No leader is unable to speak out bud with courage out of fear of attacks when Andhra pradesh have been abused for the mistakes committed by Andhra rulers at the times when I floated the party. Their courage has been becoming numb though they have thousands of acres of nieces and thousands of acres. I had found. t. party with courage at least a single person can raise his voice; he said.

• Need Individuals who can stand even after striking of lightning Sri Pawan Kalyan further said “some leaders are going away Summbing to threats and pressure. from the ruling party. I cannot build a party with this type of leader. The party needs people who can withstand lightning and who are even with the firing of the cannons. We are looking for leaders. About 10 lakh people gathered when we organised a march in Rajahmundry. But and respect Mahatma and Nethaji and we keep Amb.kar our hearts. But we elect only the leaders who have a criminal record. I don’t understand the look here. Though I faced defeat, I stood for 70 years; he asserted.

• There is no Pawan Kalyan if there is no existence of janasena Srl Pawan Kalyan said S.h Is a strong UNon Home miNster for India after Sardar Vallabhal Patel. When a leader like Amith Shah requ.ted, I reject. the proposal to merge Jana.. Party with Bharatiya Janata Party. I took the decision considering t.t the necessity of a.m. is imminent for the interests of the State. !flame. lost its existence, Pawan Kalyan . no more. I will protect the very existence of t. party. We will not lose existence whet. It Is in power or out of power. One day, the meting of Janasena will become a great tree. I had deferred with Bharatiya Janata Party keeping in view of only the people’s interests, but I never dekrred with It for All the parties including the Congress party have craved to have an alliance with janasena Parry. But janasena had tied up with BlP.

The reason for this is that It is only possible with BP to strengthen the country and protect the national integrity. Important, BlP Is against the inheritance in politics. All the remaining are heritage parties. More strong leaders lire Nu… Moth and Minh Shah will emerge in IMP. The BlP has given the opportunity to a journalist and a lawyer, who did not have a, political background in Karnataka to bum,. MPs. We have made an alliance with it after discussing with the party leaden especially with Muslim leaden believing that the Milon is required such a Pan, he said. • YCP leaders showing faux hype In elegance Sri Pawan Kalyan said janasena Party has reach. Srilrekulam on war-footing when I. district was devastated with Title cyclone in Goober 2018 and stood support for the flood victims during the dark nights. The then Opposition leader and the present Chief Minister jaganmohan Reddy who was stationed in the neighboring Vizianagaram district has skipped visiting the flood victims. gut, unfortunately, such a pa, had won the election. It is not Ore mi..ke of janasena Parry.

It is the mistake of the people who had voted. The YCP leaders will speak in support of BR in Delhi and they say they are against it in the State. They touch their feet in Delhi a. they show faux elegance of hype here. But I never do IJce that. janasena Party Is floated only to solve the issues Ignored by all and stay support to the people In distress. A 14….d girl Sugali Preeti was raped and kill. in Kurnool. Neither the then Telugu Dethrn government nor the present YCP government has cared and they paid deaf ears to the pleas of the disabled mother of the victim. janasena party has launched a light in support of the victim, family and as a result, the government handed over the case to CBI. We brought the Issues of farmers of Godavari districts and concerns of Amathvati fanners to the note of the world. People like us shall come out to bring Ina change In the system,” he add..

• Prove our mettle on the day of ours Sri Pawan Ithlyan funher said ‘because Janne. Party .s its own strength, the YCP government Is resorting to attacks and threats against our party leaders leaving the main Opposition Telugu Desam Party. janasena leaders are attack. in Srilrelahasti of Chittoor district. They foisted cases against Parry general secretary Sri Bolisetty SM., Parry PAC member Or RariPrathd, Srtrekhasti party In-charge Smt Vi.tha and other leaden. In Anantapur they resorted to stone•petting on PAC member Sri ChIlakam Madhusudan. The YCP leaders are threatening!, ‘ leaders to withdraw nominations In Nellore, Prakasam and Guntur distrkts. Saying that there is no impact of lanasena. they are resorting to physical attacks. Despite all threats, Smt Padmavathy is contesting in the elutthos In Anantapur district. We ha. such great women.

These women are very courageous …nth. ruling Party attacks, Influences and pressures. reusena cadre is proved to be a strongest despite the att.ks on la. Saki., foisting false cases and without succumbing to Influences.

• Witnessed these situations never before, says Sri Nadendia Manohar Speaking on the occasion, lanasena Party Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Sri Nadendla Mans:Mar said “I emend greetings to Sri Powan Kalyan, who stood steadily for the buildi, of prolonged .thcai journey with a great thrust on the eve of formation day celebrations. It Is our responsibility to keep uP the aspirations of the youth who wanted to create 25 Years of fut.! MY conditions that prevailed in the State politics now.

Once, people used to feel it as a pride moment to contest in the free and fair elections In a democthtic manner in politics. No situation has been changed and some rich people and some families are given tickets to gain hold in the villages and as a result, the system has been polluted. At this juncture, Jana Sainiks have stood strongly facing these circumstances. It is an ample example for the fighting spirit of Jana Sathiks where they stood steadily facing the hits in the stone-peiting take either in Srikalahasti incident or in Anantapur.

The conditions are worst even in Godavari districts. The conditions prevailed in the morning are not seen in the evening. When about 50 people filed their nomination papers, they are not seen in the evening. How will be the situation different when the Chief Minister himself ordered the candidates for victory at any cost by offering quota? In fact. the local body elections shall be held in a festNe atmosphere. Leadership and those who can speak fluently shall emerge from the villages. What is this rivalry based on caste and religion-based? Our party president has directed to provide seats to these people and 60 per cent of seats have been given to the youth. We are going ahead with the same plan from the gross-root level.

Many leader’s are unable to attend the meeting in view of local body elections and the situations prevailed in some parts. But we need to respect everyone who stood for the party during the difficult times. A review meeting will be held with the candidates who contested in these circumstances. The leaders shall not forget their sacrifices,The added. • Even Hitler is collapsed… Not much time left, says Sri Nagababu Political Affairs Committee (PAC) member Sri Nagababu said “they are resorting to assaults and stabbing on the leaders who are filing their nomination papers. Despite all odds, Janasena leaders have filed their papers.

Don’t fear as these threats are common. No one is there above Hitler. He even tasted a defeat and collapsed. It will not take much time to collapse here. Even a big boulder may not be broken with 99 hits, but it may break for the hundredth hit. Our Pawan KaNan has made so many hits. A day will come where the huge boulder which is like decomposed politics will break.

Janasena will come to power in four years,” Sri Nagababu said. Janasena Party Politburo member Sri Arharn Khan. Party general secretary Sri Tammireddy Sivasankar, vice-president Sri Et Mahender Reddy, Telangana In.charge Sri Nemuri Sanka Goud, PAC members Sri Kandula Durgesh, Sri Pantham Nanaji, Sri Mutha Sasidhar and Sri Pithani Balakrishna, Central affairs committee chairman Sri Pull Sekhar, Narathputhm Parliament in.charge Sri Chegondi Surya Prakash, Godavari districts joint coordination committee convenor Sri Meda Gurudatt, party leader Sri Bommadevara Srldhar ffiannu, Sri Yatham Nagesh, Rajahmundry City in-charge Sri Athl Satyanarayana and others participated.

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