Janasena President Pawan Kalyan General Elections Teleconference

They may trigger more terror in general elections, if we remain silent in local body polls

• Give complete info on attacks faced during the process of filing papers
• Give the list of officials who failed to protect when you have been attacked
• I will give a complete report to the Central Home Department

Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan says at a teleconference with party leaders and in-charges Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan has .id that the democratic system was left as a mock, with the violence and attacks during the phase of filing nomination papers for local body elections. It was very unfortunate that the candidates have been attacked while they were filing their papers and they were forced to withdraw even if they filed nominations facing the. threats. It will create harm to the society that the official machinery dancing to the tunes of the ruling party by ignoring its responsibilities.

Some officials who are honest and committed are tolerating these circumstances in silence. Now the time has come to break the. situations, he said a. called upon the party cadre not to keep silent facing the violence and attacks during the local body elections. Sri Pawan Kalyan organized a teleconference with in.charges of Assembly and Parliament constituencies, Political Affairs Committee (PAC) members, general secretaries, secretaries, spokespersons and other important leaders on Monday morning.

He warned that a complaint will be lodged with Central Home Ministry and State and Central Election Commissions on how the ruling party has killed the democracy during the local body elections. While giving directions to the party leaders on the occasion, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “they .4 trigger more violent acts in the general elections if we keep silent bearing the atrocities by preventing us from filing nomination papers in the local body elections. So, we need to stand courageously. You are requested to give details on how you faced atrocities and explain the situations while filing nomination papers. It came to my notice that our party candidates are attacked in several places and they forced

our candidates to withdraw papers even after filing nominations. Our PAC members In Rayalaseema Dr Hariprasad, Madhusudan Reddy, and general secretary Bolisetty Satya have been attacked. Our alliance member and ISJP candidate Manemrna sustained injuries on her hand when she was attacked with a knife. I have condemned the violence and atrocities during the phase of filing nomination papers along with BJP leaders. I discussed it with top 131P leaders. You are request. to give complete details against the police officials who failed to protect our candidates and leaders and also officials who caused inconvenience while filing nomination papers. Every official and employee, who falls. to discharge their duties shall be held responsible. The party leaders shall furnish the details of violence a. atrocities that are taken place during the local body elections along with the list of officials who failed to protect the candidates from attacks and al. about the indifferent attitude of Returning Officers (R0s) to the Party Central office Immediately. i will hand over It to the Central Home Department after summarizing it. I will also bring the issue to the notice of the State and Central Election Commission,. he added.

• Rs 1 lakh aid to Janasena worker Sri Pawan Kalyan condoled the death of Janasena party worker Sri Yekkala Artuna Rao, who died of a heart attack during the election campaign. Sri Arjuna Rao died while he was in the campaign for Janasena ZPTC and MPTC candidates in Ramachandrapuram mandal of East Godavari district. Sri Pawan Kalyan announced an assistance of Rs lakh to the family of Arjuna Rao.

• Party candidates who elected unanimously hailed Sri Pawan Kalyan congratulated Janasena candidates who were elected unanimously in MPTC positions. Smt Gundabomma Bhulaluhmi flonnalagadda-2, Guntur district), Sri Yerramsetty Venkata Narasimha Rao, (Vedangi, West Godavari district), Smt Nuni Vijayanirmala (Kadiyapulanka-3, East Godavari district), and Smt Medicherla Venkata Saryavani (Ramarajulanka, Razole constituency) have been elected unanimously. Sri Pawan Kalyan extended greetings to them.

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