How does a TV work? Explained

How does a TV work? Explained

There was a time when you used to roam around your TV waiting for your favorite shows or movies to come. Now it’s all on YouTube.

How does a TV work?

But have you ever thought of; how does this TV works? Without any lag, buffering, you can watch videos, movies seamlessly.

Let me first divide the TV working segment into 4 parts.

Broadcast TV
Cable TV
Satellite TV
There are several important parts which make the working of TV possible. Some of them are image source, sound source, transmitter, receiver, sound device and a display device.

How does a TV work?

TV Transmitter

How does a TV work?
TV Reciever

Broadcast TV:
Do you remember the time when you used to listen to the radio, Not you, maybe your parents. And when TV came into existence it was a revolutionary thing, like how you could watch the whole world with visual experience sitting at home. That time we used to use Broadcast TV, Antenna wala.

How does a TV work?
How does a TV work?
There used to be a TV tower nearby which used to send video and audio signals and you would be adjusting the antenna sticks towards it to receive the signals for free in order to get uninterrupted service. All TV sets have the ability to switch the receiver’s tuner to pick up specific channels. Each channel is transmitted on its own frequency, which the TV set can tune into and receive.

Cable TV:
The signals are sent through the cables; copper or optic fibers usually. A good number of channels were available and no antenna was required. This reach was also little less, If you’re in a remote area you wouldn’t get the cable pulled till your house by a company.

How does a TV work?

Satellite TV:
We use Geosynchronous satellite for this facility, this satellite has an orbital period same as the Earth’s rotation period. These satellites return to the same position in the sky after each sidereal day. It is perfectly aligned with Earth.

How does a TV work?

Today we use Tatasky, DishTV, Airtel, BigTV, Videocon etc.

What you do is, you buy yourself a small antenna and this receiver receives the signal from the satellite and the information to these satellites are sent through these broadcast stations.

How does a TV work?

But what people think about satellite TV’s is that we get more channel, more bandwidth will be supported and what not. But the fact is that you can only see what they chose to show you. Whichever channels data stream is coming it is encoded, compressed here in broadcasting stations and then it is sent to the satellites, satellites amplify the signals here and after reflecting from there it is sent back to the earth with the signals spread over a large area. After that, you’ll have to align your dish antenna with a particular angle, take care of its position. The antennas are parabolic antennas, this receives the signal and it will be focused to the central part, there will also be cables which will be connected to your setup box, where the signals will be decoded and will get it to a particular format so that your TV can play it. There will also be viewing card in which the plans and the other useful information will be stored.

Next comes IP TV (Internet Protocol) TV, where we need nothing but just a cable through which we get call functionality, TV, and internet. This technology is also spreading very rapidly.

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