5 Mistakes Many people repeats on Social media

Many people made Mistakes on Social Media.

Making mistakes probably on social media. here Provided simple performa to introduce simple theory. Check out various components in this technical category.

1. Complete Your Profile With Original details, if u plan to reach high

Business accounts or personal accounts whatever, Some people who are in business are not updating their profile picture are in social media, Hiding casual pictures as Private.
usually, they using their brand or logo picture at the place of the profile picture, and they thing expanding their market value by social media. this could make confusion to others. People can think you are a robot or a trusted man. so always try to use their original picture to people can identify you properly. if you carried with original People should always fill their form in facebook, insta or if you having any website, the link should update the link. Valid information should be encouraged.

2. Be Secret, Be in ur Limits. Don’t share the personal information of social media

Social media to making new friends, in business purposes make new customers, clients meet many more but this time Some people having a fixed attitude to posting their posts on social media. they encourage personal life into Social media. But sometimes, by mistake or by nature they can post something on social media very personal, information to others which is not good. Private things posting on social media are not tolerated!! These types of posts can put you in trouble for sure. Some people tendency is to post their activity on social media which can also put them in trouble. they posted every activity eating at Some restaurant, check-ins, family time secret timings so many.

3. Be active, Believe yourself. Judge, you’re trustworthy

Make noise with all belives, the first trust in urself. In social media sometimes, we can get the friend requests from those which we don’t know. of courses many people using facebook for making new friends. but do it in limit only. We should respond to unknown people to share our talks, offensive, material activities should not be encouraged in social media. We shouldn’t show more interest in those people which we don’t know because we don’t know about their nature and they can put us in any big trouble in the future.

4. don’t miss business with your personal life on Social media.

On Social media personal life not connected with business life. your employee now changed as friends. relation changed, by contacting silly reasons. Don’t involve your account with your business account because in our account we are having some personal moments through our social media and one business person can not be involved in our things. family functions, other friends moments will show, Even our family people can also make any problem in that account or they can delete any file from social media then you can come in a big problem. Save yourself, be active

5. Don’t post your Everyday activity

Posting, social media updating is normally ok. But we do not encourage all mix, everyday activity in Social media. Always try to secure your activity from social media, like if you are alone in house or you are going somewhere, try to keep that area name from social media, Be secret some points at least your comeback because people can harm you if you are alone at your home or going somewhere alone then social media can spread your all information which you updated on your id. take care of yourself. So if you want to share your selfies or your location pic on social media then try to wait till you come back after reaching home.


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